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來源:http://www.mamalibro.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-08-17
1、 View resume basic conditions
1. Hard conditions: check the job applicant's qualifications, including, age, gender, education, major, experience, etc. these hardware conditions shall be judged within 3 minutes.
2. Soft conditions: in fact, soft conditions are particularly important. When entering different age stages, they have different ideas. Professionals aged 22-25 are in the early stage of development, their mentality is relatively impetuous, and the job hopping rate is high. They are 26-30 years old, which belongs to the period of development and stability. At this stage, they are gradually finding out their career positioning and carrying out according to their own career planning. They are in the peak period of 31-35 career, Career positioning is very clear, rapid development, the pursuit of high treatment and high position. 36-40 years old, seeking opportunities for independent development and entrepreneurship. After the age of 40, they generally pursue career stability. Therefore, enterprise HR can compare the characteristics of this career development and find the resume suitable for the needs of the enterprise.
3. Other conditions. If it is difficult for the applicant to meet the treatment requirements of the enterprise, the HR of such resume enterprise can also choose pass. The applicant's residential address is far away from the company, which is very inconvenient. For example, working in Shanghai but living in Suzhou, in this case, unless the applicant is willing to move to the company, he can also pass directly
2、 To view the job content of your resume:
1. Counterpart of work content and whether the work content of resume is consistent with the work content required by the enterprise.
2. The conformity between the length of working hours and the depth of specialty. If it is found that the working hours in the resume are short and the content of practice is relatively profound, it needs to be investigated during the interview.
3. Frequency of job hopping. Check the frequency of job hopping in your resume. If you often change jobs, your job stability is poor. Generally speaking, it is stable in a company for more than 3 years. If there are several times in a year or so, it can be basically judged that this person is unstable.
4. The length of working hours. If there is a long gap in the resume working hours, it should be paid attention to during the interview.
5. Whether the position matches the work content. If you want to recruit a human resource manager whose job content is to do purely transactional work such as personnel files and buy social security, you should be careful whether the human resource manager of the company meets the human resource manager conditions required by your position.
6. The span of the industry to which the work belongs. Generally speaking, people with a clear career orientation will be limited to a certain industry. If the industry span on the resume is large and not relevant, it can be seen that this person's career orientation is vague.
3、 Looking at candidates through resumes
1. If there are many positions applied for, if one person applies for both HR assistant and customer service clerk, it means that the candidate's positioning is unclear and the job search trend is vague.
2. If the job seeker changes from a large company to a small company, there is no change in the position and salary. It can be basically judged that the employee is not strong. On the contrary, if a job seeker is constantly promoted and the size of the company is larger than each other, it can be judged that the employee is highly motivated.
3. If you submit two or more resumes in a short time, you can basically know that the candidate is careless. Even the enterprises that delivered the same day don't remember. On the contrary, if you submit your resume after a long interval, you can see that the candidate is particularly interested in the position of the company.
4. There are many typos in the resume, which can be judged that the person is careless. If the resume is particularly hierarchical, logical and focused. Explain that the candidate has clear thinking.
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