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來源:http://www.mamalibro.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-08-10
Are headhunters strict in background checks? Compared with the traditional recruitment methods, more and more enterprises now choose headhunting recruitment, because headhunting companies often conduct strict investigation on the education, expertise, skills, personality, working ability and even family background of job seekers, and then screen satisfactory employees for enterprises at all levels. If your job seekers hide some or provide all false information, Then it's easy to be found out by the headhunting company through background investigation.
Background investigation is also called "verification of certification materials". It is an effective method to verify the authenticity and effectiveness of the background information and certification materials of talents by consulting their previous superiors or relevant leaders. The purpose of background investigation is to supplement and verify whether the candidate's information is true.
Whether the headhunter carries out background investigation strictly can be divided into the following two cases:
1. Look at the position
The lower the position, the simpler the background check is, or even not done. It also mainly verifies whether the basic information such as employment time and education background are true. The supervisor or above will generally do background investigation to understand the important work experience, the situation during the on-the-job period, as well as the personality risk assessment, etc.
2. Look at the nature of the position
The position is not high, but it involves company secrets or has more opportunities to contact money. Such as accounting, purchasing, etc. The background investigation of this type of position will be more detailed.
Most headhunting companies do background checks selectively for positions at different levels. For example, the company must conduct background investigation for senior management positions; Or, background investigation must be conducted for positions above the middle level.
Selective background investigation. The employer really hopes to make an accurate judgment on the job seeker through background investigation. Then the headhunting company will do everything possible to explore the past of the job seeker. Background investigation is not necessarily limited to the previous company, and may understand every work experience of the job seeker.
Verification is to verify the authenticity of the information provided in the candidate's resume, including: basic identity information, social reputation, academic certificate, additional identity information, resume of the last job and resume of the second job.
The review is to have a better understanding of the candidate through back tone, so as to judge whether the candidate is suitable for meeting the requirements of the enterprise, including: the candidate's position in the company, what aspect of work he is responsible for and how his work performance is; The candidate's ability, leadership, communication and judgment; How about the candidate's interpersonal relationship, whether he gets along well with his colleagues and superiors and subordinates, and understand his personality and personality from the side; Evaluation of candidates, advantages and disadvantages.
Background investigation may occur in all aspects of recruitment:
1. After the candidate has provided a resume, the headhunting consultant obtains some information in an informal way by asking people around the candidate or people familiar with the candidate's company, so as to facilitate communication and inquiry during the interview with the candidate.
2. After the candidate enters the interview session, the customer may put forward such a demand. I hope the consultant can understand some aspects of CDD first.
3. Usually, the candidate's background check will be conducted after signing the offer. The best background check is after the headhunter interviews the candidate and before recommending it to the client. The headhunter should send the candidate recommendation report to the client together with the background investigation report.
4. If the enterprise has specific requirements for back adjustment, it shall depend on the specific situation.
Are headhunters strict in background checks? Headhunters are generally very strict in background investigation. Now headhunters' background investigation of job seekers includes all aspects of job seekers' work ability, expertise and personality, especially for senior management positions or some important positions. Headhunters' background investigation is very strict. If job seekers hide, they will be investigated by headhunters soon!
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