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首頁 > 新聞資訊>>如何在沒有崗位空缺時依舊把握住人才?
來源:http://www.mamalibro.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-06-29
For start-up enterprises and growth enterprises, excessive spending is fatal, so if it is not necessary, the bosses are tight budget, unwilling to employ too many employees; Moreover, the recruitment process is time-consuming and laborious. If there are no relevant job vacancies, why should we recruit?
However, some bosses do not agree with this view. They often go the opposite way and think that recruitment is a way to find loyal talents. Even if there is no job vacancy, we should grasp the talents at any time. If you only start to recruit when there is a demand, and the excellent candidates just can't cooperate, you can only take the second place, and you will miss the high-tech talents in the industry.
It's true that many companies are always in a hurry when recruiting people. What's more, they immediately ask HR to find someone to replace them as soon as they have a job demand. They hope that they can make up the vacancy tomorrow when they raise the demand today. It's not so easy to recruit. They want excellent people and want to get to the post quickly. The recruiter says, "I can't do it!" Therefore, quality is often sacrificed for speed.
Career expert Heather? Herman shared the article on how to grasp talents even when there are no job vacancies in entrepreneur. I think it is of great significance for reference. I recommend you to have a look.
1. Find out the loyal followers of the company
Bosses, if someone sincerely agrees with the content of your company's operation, he or she is definitely a treasure. This kind of person is usually full of enthusiasm, willing to devote themselves to the work, and often can complete the task well. If you want to find these talents, you might as well wait and see the people who often contact with your company (such as customers) or the fans who often follow the company's social networking sites.
2. Recruitment at any time (recruitment does not close)
招財進 寶,招才也一樣,你不希望財停止進來,你就不應該停止吸引高科技人才。身為老板,發現有潛力的人時,無論對方是否從與公司業務相關領域出身,都該撥空好好聊聊,思考對方可能替公司帶來的增益與壞處,若好大于壞,就趕緊開價錄用吧!
If you don't want money to stop coming in, you shouldn't stop attracting high-tech talents. As a boss, when you find a potential person, no matter whether the other party comes from a business-related field or not, you should take the time to have a good chat and think about the gains and disadvantages that the other party may bring to the company. If the good outweighs the bad, you should quickly offer for employment!
3. Take the initiative
If you are managing a start-up company, it is difficult to predict when the company will suddenly grow rapidly. At that time, the company may become thirsty for talents. If you wait for a moment to start looking for people, it will be too late.
The boss should take the initiative to dig out talents. Don't wait for the applicants to come to the company by themselves. Delaying time will only affect the operation of the company. Some jobs with high turnover and high demand, such as sales, developers or customer service, should be opened on a regular basis in case of emergency. You have to be as enthusiastic about talent as a young man pursuing a person of his heart.
4. Bring out the internship plan and grasp the young people
The smaller the city is, the lower the talent density is, and the company's choice of employment is limited. It is particularly important to grasp the talents first. At this time, the internship plan can be used. Through the internship program, the company can expand the human resource pool, increase options, and observe the performance of employees when they are still interns, which will provide reference for future formal employment, and the qualification examination is relatively easy. In addition, the company should properly train talents in the internship plan. According to the different attributes of each intern, imagine what kind of work they are suitable for in the future, direct relevant technologies, and seize the opportunity to attract talents.
Talent war focus on peacetime, not to become a fire captain of talent recruitment!