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首頁 > 新聞資訊>>職場新人如何快速融入新的公司?
來源:http://www.mamalibro.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-06-04
When new employees enter the enterprise, they are confused about what they will do. Even experienced employees need some time to integrate into the new company. How can new employees integrate into the new company quickly. Let's listen to the experience shared by Xiaobian, which is worth learning from.
1. It's important to be a person in the workplace
There is a wrong understanding of new people in the workplace, that is, to do things well. Of course, it's important to do things well, but it's more important to be a man than to work hard.
2. Clear your head and start from scratch
This is mainly for the new people, maybe you have similar work experience before, but the things that come into contact with the new environment are different. At this time, we need to clear our heads, forget the experience before, be firm and start from scratch.
3. Let the leader willing to teach you is more significant than the obligation to teach you
For the new workers, it is impossible to take over the job immediately. You need the leadership to take you. It's obligatory for leaders to lead you for better work. But being a person should be grateful, and it is more important for leaders to teach you more than compulsory training.
4. It is wrong to equate pay with salary
The salary in the workplace is not all, but also includes the accumulation of knowledge, the enhancement of ability and the accumulation of contacts. If you think that pay should be equal to your salary, it is a mistake because you get other improvements when you get paid. When you are growing in other areas, the more you give, the more you will gain and achieve in the future.
5. tell new employees to be able to summarize themselves
Learn to summarize and summarize every day. A piece of A4 paper is enough for a simple summary. For example, you can list five tasks today, then divide the conditions required for these tasks, the current progress, what results you get, then divide them into steps, summarize the work you can accomplish today, and how to combine your work efficiency more effectively. Summary is one of the necessary conditions to improve yourself. Learn to summarize and summarize, and your logic and reason will be better and better.
6. you can't make mistakes. Attitude is very important
Mistakes are common in the workplace. Learn to learn to learn to make mistakes before you grow up. But you should know that no one is responsible for paying for your mistakes. When an enterprise is willing to pay for your mistakes, it means that people are optimistic about you. When you make a mistake, you may be scolded. When you make a decision, you may be denied. You may feel aggrieved at this time, but this is what you need to pay to grow up. What happened when someone would pay for your mistake and scold you?
The glory of the workplace is not to make mistakes, but to be able to recognize and grow from mistakes after mistakes.
7. Learn to control your emotions at work
In the work, in fact, many people are difficult to control their emotions, leading to always suffer losses in the workplace, and always deal with bad relations with colleagues. So how to adjust it? You should learn to understand your hobbies and adjust your emotions by using them. For example, when you are unhappy in your heart, you should try to do something else. When you want to get angry and try to smile, you must think about understanding others. Why punish yourself with others' bad.
8. Communicate more
Communication and communication is very important in the work. There is no independent man in the workplace. Have new ideas to communicate with leaders, but be prepared and don't be open to mouth. When you want to deny something, you have come up with alternative solutions.
In the work, it is also unavoidable to communicate with colleagues. Many work is difficult to complete by one person and need other colleagues to cooperate.
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