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來源:http://www.mamalibro.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-05-18
Resume screening is not only an important part of recruitment, but also a technical activity. In fact, the selection of resumes also reflects the ability of recruiters to a large extent. If the level is not high enough, it is difficult to find the talents that match the needs of enterprises. In this regard, headhunting companies summarize the following three key resume selection for recruiters' reference.
1、 Basic requirements for viewing resume
1. Hard conditions: check the qualification of the job seeker, including age, gender, education background, major, experience, etc. these hard conditions should be judged within 3 minutes.
2.軟性條件:軟性條件其實尤為重要,進入不同的年齡階段有不同的想法,職場人士22-25歲處于發展的初期,心態也比較浮躁,跳槽率較高,26—30歲,屬于發展穩定期,這個階段在逐步找準自己的職業定位,并按照自己的職業規劃進行,31---35事業的頂 峰期,職業定位非常明確,高速發展,追求高待遇,高職務。36—40歲,尋求獨立發展的機會、創業。40歲以后一般追求事業的穩定。因此企業HR可以根據這個職業發展的特點進行對照,找準適合企業需求的簡歷。
2. Soft conditions: in fact, soft conditions are particularly important. People at different ages have different ideas. Professionals aged 22-25 are in the early stage of development, with impetuous mentality and high job hopping rate. They are 26-30 years old and belong to the period of stable development. At this stage, they are gradually finding their own career orientation and following their own career planning. They are in the peak period of 31-35 career, Career orientation is very clear, rapid development, the pursuit of high pay, high position. 36-40 years old, seeking opportunities for independent development and entrepreneurship. After the age of 40, the general pursuit of career stability. Therefore, the enterprise HR can be compared according to the characteristics of this career development, and find out the resume suitable for the needs of the enterprise.
3. Other conditions. If it is difficult for an applicant to meet the salary requirements of an enterprise, HR of such a resume enterprise can also choose pass. The applicant's residential address is far away from the company, which is very difficult. For example, he works in Shanghai but lives in Suzhou. In this case, unless he is willing to move to the company, he can also pass directly
2、 To view the work content of your resume:
1. The relevance of the work content, whether the work content of the resume is consistent with the work content required by the enterprise.
2.工作時間長短與的深度的符合情況,如發現簡歷中工作時間短,而實踐的內容比較精深,需要在面試時重 點考察。
2. The length of working hours is consistent with the depth of the major. If you find that the working hours in the resume are short, but the practical content is more profound, you need to focus on the investigation during the interview.
3. The frequency of job hopping. Check the frequency of job hopping in your resume. If you often change jobs, the stability of your job is poor. Generally speaking, it is stable in a company for more than three years. If there are several times in a year, it can be judged that the person is unstable.
4.工作時間的間距長短,如果簡歷工作時間中出現較長時間的空檔期,應該在面試時重 點關注。
4. The length of working hours, if there is a long gap in the resume working hours, we should focus on it in the interview.
5. Whether the position matches the work content. If you want to recruit a human resource manager whose job content is to do personnel files, buy social security and other purely transactional work, you should be careful whether the human resource manager of this company meets the requirements of your position.
6. The span of work industry. Generally speaking, a person with a clear career orientation will be limited to a certain industry. If the industry span on the resume is large and not relevant, it can be seen that the person's career orientation is vague.
3、 Looking at candidates through resumes
1. There are many positions to be applied for. If one person applies for both HR assistant and customer service clerk, it means that the position of the candidate is not clear and the job trend is vague.
2. If a job seeker changes from a large company to a small company, there is no change in his position and salary. It can be judged that the employee is not competent. On the contrary, if the job seeker is constantly promoted and the scale of the company is bigger, it can be judged that the employee is more motivated.
3. If you send 2 or more resumes in a short time, you can know that the candidate is careless. I don't even remember the company that delivered it that day. On the contrary, if you send your resume after a long interval, you can see that the candidate is particularly interested in the position of the company.
4.簡歷中錯別字較多,可以判斷出,人比較粗心。如果簡歷特別有層次感,邏輯性強,重 點突出。說明應聘者思維清晰。
4. There are many typos in the resume, so it can be judged that people are careless. If the resume has a strong sense of hierarchy, logic and emphasis. Explain that the candidate has a clear mind.