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首頁 > 最新公告>>什么情況下需要找獵頭?
來源:http://www.mamalibro.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-08-13
First, this position is very scarce in the market. Generally speaking, senior managers in a certain industry and some technology R &amp; D talents belong to positions where supply is less than demand. This kind of person will be needed by most enterprises, and the talent supply can not meet the gap of all enterprises, so many enterprises will offer one talent, For example, this is the case for e-commerce talents and Internet talents in our company (Wenchen military general). Many candidates have several offers.
Such scarce talents may not be available to enterprises through general channels, and such candidates can only be contacted through headhunting companies with relevant resources. Therefore, it is a wise choice to adopt headhunting recruitment.
Secondly, this position is very anxious. Many companies recruit talents because of the needs of new business or new projects, and some are due to resignation vacancies. If the business is very anxious and the project is very anxious, the position is bound to be very anxious. At this time, it is suggested to adopt multi-channel comprehensive recruitment, and headhunting is only one of the channels.
At the same time, headhunters recommend talents faster and more accurately, so it is also a very good channel for enterprises. In this case, the service fee of headhunters is a drop in the bucket compared with the performance of projects after e-commerce talents arrive normally. On the contrary, many companies recruit positions solely for the purpose of reserving candidates, In this case, you can slowly use other channels with lower prices to recruit, and the cost performance will be higher.
Finally, this position is a high-end position. Business management Jun has received inquiries from many companies and consulted the headhunting company on the cost of recruiting general sales personnel. This kind of customer belongs to general grass-roots personnel, and the recruitment is not difficult. If headhunting is adopted, it will not bring benefits to the company in recruiting a senior manager. So, when to choose the headhunting channel? That is when recruiting high-end scarce talents.